PEDINTERACT is a collaboration involving
Institute Location Persons
INRIA-Rennes Rennes Julien PETTRE
M2S Rennes Anne-Hélène OLIVIER
VENLab Brown Univ. (USA) William H. WARREN
LPT Orsay Cécile Appert-Rolland

Our focus is on the dynamics of pedestrians at intermediate densities, in situations requiring multiple interactions.
In particular we are interest in how collective decisions are made within a group of pedestrians.
We have realized a set of experiments in 2016, still under analysis.

  • C. Appert-Rolland, J. Pettré, A.-H. Olivier, W. Warren, A. Duigou-Majumdar, E. Pinsard, and A. Nicolas : Experimental Study of Collective Pedestrian Dynamics Collective Dynamics 5 1-8 (2020), hal-02992406v1.