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Block course on
"Lattice Simulations of Quantum Fields"

Laboratoire de Physique Théorique
Université Paris Sud (Orsay), March 26 - April 1, 2008


To provide an introduction to the methods and applications of simulations of quantum fields on the lattice, at a level suitable for graduate students with a knowledge of quantum field theory. The courses may also be useful for beginning postdocs.

Planned lectures and lecturers:

  • Algorithms and Numerical Methods -Werner Krauth
  • Staggered fermions -Maarten Golterman
  • Chiral fermions on the Lattice - Luigi Del Debbio
  • Full QCD with chirally invariant quarks -Shoji Hashimoto
  • Supersymmetry on the lattice -David Kaplan
  • Twisted Mass QCD on the lattice -Tassos Vladikas
  • N-body simulations in Cosmology -Michael Joyce
  • Physics of flavours and Lattices -Vittorio Lubicz
  • Machines for lattice QCD simulations -Tilo Wettig
  • QCD at finite temperature and density -Edwin Laermann
  • Hybrid Monte Carlo -Philippe Boucaud

    Further details and applications:

    This spring block-course is a part of the franco-german IRTG "Quantum Fields and Strongly Interacting Matter", sponsored by DFG and UFA. In the mornings of the 5 day event there will be lectures given by the renown experts in the field, while the afternoons will be devoted to the problem solving sessions, topical discussions and seminars. The block-course will take place in Laboratoire de Physique Théorique (building 210, in the Orsay Campus). For more information on how to reach Orsay, please consult this page. Once in Orsay, the easiest way to find the LPT (bât. 210), is to follow the map given here.

    Lunch tickets will be provided for all participants (the price of each ticket is 5 €).


    To participate the Block-course and facilitate the organization, you are kindly invited to register before March 20. .