Friday the 7th of December 2012
9h - 9h30 Welcome Coffee
9h30 - 9h45 H. Hilhorst,
F. van Wijland
and C. Appert-Rolland
9h45 - 11h Chair: F. van Wijland
9h45 - 10h15 B. Nienhuis Solvability of strongly interacting fermions on a periodic chain
10h15 - 10h45 R.K.P. Zia Entrainment and unit velocity:
Surprises in an accelerated exclusion process
(with Jiajia Dong and Stefan Klumpp)
10h45 - 11h G. Koper Complexation of Complex Matter
11h - 11h30 coffee break
11h30 - 12h45 Chair: C. Monthus
11h30 - 12h00 B. Derrida Current fluctuations and anomalous Fourier's law
12h00 - 12h30 H. van Leeuwen Tumbling of polymers in a sheared flow
12h30 - 12h45 O. Deloubrière From scientific rationality to artistic creativity
12h45 - 14h lunch buffet
14h - 15h30 Chair: J.-M. Luck
14h - 14h30 S. Majumdar Diffusion with Stochastic Resetting
14h30 - 15h C. Monthus Dynamics near zero temperature : Real Space RG Approach
15h - 15h15 M. Brummelhuis Random Walks - in Physics and Beyond
15h15 - 15h30 M. Ney Chaotic journey in a disordered and frustrated system
15h30 - 16h coffee break
16h - 17h15 Chair: F. van Wijland
16h - 16h30 H. Blöte O(n) models in two dimensions
16h30 - 16h45 M. Thill From Physics to FinanceĀ and Management - my formative years inĀ Paris
16h45 - 17h15 H. Hilhorst Some random reflections