List of lectures

Andreas Engel
  • Lecture 1: Large deviations in Langevin systems.
    PDF, Video 913Mo
  • Lecture 2: Large deviations for the empirical density and the empirical current.
    PDF, Video 388Mo
  • Lecture 3: Applications to hydrodynamic systems.
    PDF, Video 631Mo
Oldenburg University
Luca Peliti
  • Lecture 1: Thermodynamics of Information and stochastic thermodynamics.
    Video 913Mo
  • Lecture 2: Accuracy-speed-dissipation trade-off.
    Video 1.3Go
  • Lecture 3: Applications of Stochastic Thermodynamics to living systems.
    Video 1.8Go
PDF of the lecture notes.
University of Naples
Vivien Lecomte
  • Lecture 1:Introduction to large deviations, rare events and anormal distributions.
    Video 533Mo
  • Lecture 2: Numerical methods of evaluation of large deviation functions.
    Video 729Mo
  • Lecture 3: Dynamical phase transitions.
    Video 2.1Go
From the point of view of methods, this should cover some aspects of:
  • Spectral methods (deformed operator, largest eigenvalues methods)
  • Extremum principles
  • Macroscopic theory of fluctuations
Université de Grenoble-Alpes